• coyotes


    New York Times Notable Book

    • Winner of American Library Association Award

    • Anthologized in Arguing Immigration (Touchstone, 1994), Today's Best Nonfiction (Reader's Digest, 1988), and Travelers' Tales Mexico (O'Reilly and Habegger, 1994)

  • singinsg

    Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing

    • Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, 2001
    • Pulitzer Prize Finalist
    • Entertainment Weekly
    's Best Nonfiction Book of the Year
    • One of USA Today's Ten Best Books of 2000
    • New York Times
    Notable Book
    • Chicago Tribune
    Critics Choice

    • Library Journal Best Books of 2000

  • rollingnowhere

    Rolling Nowhere

    Winner of American Library Association Award
    Anthologized in Bad Trips (Vintage, 1991) and in Eyewitness to the American West (Viking, 1998)

  • routesofman2

    The Routes of Man: Travels in the Paved World

    Roads unite people and sunder them. They both bind cultures across continents and highlight our differences. Conover explores six of these key byways worldwide: in Peru, East Africa, China, Nigeria, the Himalayas, and the West Bank. En route he introduces readers to intriguing characters and addresses some of the world’s most pressing issues—from the spread of AIDS by truckers in East Africa to smuggling along Peruvian highways.

  • whiteout


    Conover's classic report on life among the wealthy and the narcissistic--as well as some real people--in Aspen, Colorado.