Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill is a veteran New York journalist and novelist. He's the author of numerous books, including Downtown: My Manhattan, Diego Rivera and A Drinking Life. His nine novels include Snow in August and Forever, both of which were New York Times bestsellers. He is currently a Distinguished Writer in Residence and Jacob K. Javits Visiting Professor of Journalism at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Helping bring down the Berlin Wall Mexico days The New York Post newsroom in the 1960s
  • adrinkinglife

    A Drinking Life

    Thirteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list

  • akillingforchrist

    A Killing for Christ

    Hamill steps behind the public face of the modern Church and sees the dark grottoes within. He examines the hidden hearts of priests and prostitutes, the torturous windings of perverted thinking, the orgies of the bored and the bitter.

  • diegorivera

    Diego Rivera

    "The political passions that drove so much of his public art are now dead," Hamill wrote of Diego Rivera. "But to my eye, the best of his art seems oddly fresher today than when those ideas were still relevant to the way people lived. It's as if the art has been freed from the prison of its context."

  • dirtylaundry

    Dirty Laundry

    A former crack columnist for a New York City paper, Sam Brisco, gets a terrified phone call from an old flame. Before he can get to her, she is murdered, and Sam is plunged into a strange case involving a couple of corpses, a guy who stole a bank and a surprising pay-off.

  • downtown

    Downtown: My Manhattan

    A non-fiction account of Hamill's love affair with New York. "Wherever he leads, in this beautifully written, sharply observed and heartfelt guide and memoir, readers should simply follow." - William Grimes, The New York Times Book Review

  • freshblood

    Flesh and Blood

    Turned into a TV drama; one of television's first portrayals of incest. The National Federation for Decency led a protest.

  • createthumbnail


    "We live in an age of broken hearts. But Hamill, like a great musician, hits just the right notes." -

  • lovingwomen

    Loving Women

    "You somehow settle comfortably into a world that was - where sex is uninhibited and evil takes the form of lynch mobs and overbearing superiors." - The New York Times Book Review

  • northriver

    North River

    "Hamill has crafted a beautiful novel, rich in New York City detail and ambience, that showcases the power of human goodness and how love, in its many forms, can prevail in an unfair world." - Publishers Weekly

  • piecework

    Piecework: Writings on Men & Women, Fools and Heroes, Lost Cities, Vanished Calamities and How the Weather Was

    Biographical sketches of such diverse characters as boxer Mike Tyson, Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez, Sinatra, mobster John Gotti, General Colin Powell and Jackie Gleason.

  • snowinaugust

    Snow in August

    Four months on the New York Times bestseller list

  • subwayseries

    Subway Series

    Spans the generations of baseball in New York, from Lawrence Ritter's recollection of attending his first World Series game in the subway series of 1936 to Peter Knobler's reflection on bringing his son to the Series in 2000.

  • deadlypiece

    The Deadly Piece

    The piece of the title does not refer to heat; it is a fabulous piece of jewellery, the breastplate of Aaron, lost when the Babylonians took the Jews into captivity.

  • thegift

    The Gift

    An autobiographical novel about pain and love, a deep rift between father and son, and the healing of that rift against a background of the yuletide, bleak tenement houses, festive Irish bars and plaintive songs. Made into a TV movie.

  • thegunsofheaven

    The Guns of Heaven

    On a visit to Northern Ireland, newspaper reproter Sam Briscoe meets with a mysterious IRA leader and agrees to deliver an envelope to his supporters in New York City. It's a decision with grave consequences- for Briscoe, and his 11-year-old daughter.

  • invisible city

    The Invisible City: A New York Sketchbook

    Stories of New York.

  • tokyosketches

    Tokyo Sketches

    "His characters are real, the situations unique, & just when you think the story is going to turn out a trite way it goes in another direction." --Cosmoetica

  • toolasart

    Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection

    The Hechinger Collection celebrates the ubiquity of tools in our lives with works that incorporate tools and hardware in their imagery.

  • whysinatramatters

    Why Sinatra Matters

    "What a perfect match: the world's greatest 'saloon singer' eulogized superbly by the author of The Drinking Life"--Kirkus Reviews